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Catalog 2012

Garden Germany 03-04, 2012 (land leveling, plumbing, installed outer surfaces, paving, sandstone, waste-water)
Flat decoration in Meinz
Store in Meinz 02 2012 (plates, surfaces, design, painting, flooring, closets, sanitary, electric)
Flat decoration in Meinz

Catalog 2011

Garden Germany Aug, Sept 2011 (leveling ground mounted, paving, sandstone, faience, plumbing, lawn)
Villa Germany June 2011 (on aluminum raised mosaic, sandstone, faience, in complete utilities, sauna and much more)

Catalog 2009

In Bucharest
August 2009 the National Democratic Party (surfaces, masonry, plumbing, electrical installations, sandstone, faience, mounted poured concrete, s.a.)
June 2009 block Prisaca Dornei Bucharest (interior design, masonry, sandstone, faience mounted s.a.)July 2009 the Cabinet law firms (Interior, surfaces, bricks, tiles, mounted plumben (enable))

Catalog 2008

In Bucharest
Block in Bucharest, August 2008 (tiles, surfaces, bricks, mounted external surfaces)
National Institute of Geology March 2008 (surfaces, simple upper limits, tile, parquet, tiles mounted, plumbing, electrical installations, etc.)
Patrick-Villa, September 2008 (masonry, concrete, sandstone, faience, mounted installations, electrical installations, Sanitary poured surfaces)

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